Why is my spa not heating?

Check which mode you are in: rest or ready. See ‘Topside Control’ section in your spa manual.

What does the ozone generator do?

An ozonator purifies naturally. It produces an active oxygen that attacks bacteria at microscopic levels reducing the amount of chemicals needed for perfect water. Ozone is also useful in coagulation of metals an other contaminants found in some areas.

How do I know if my ozonator is working?

During a filter cycle, a green LED light on the ozonator will light and bubbles will move through the clear water line that connects to the ozonator.

How do I drain my spa?

Draining The Spa

Detailed instructions how to drain your spa are located towards the back section of your spa manual accompanying your spa.

We recommend that you drain and clean your spa no more than 3 or 4 times per year, depending on how frequently you use it and how well you maintain your water. In most cases this simple process will only take about an hour to accomplish.
Note: Cabinet styles may vary.
Drain Location: The drain is located in the lower right hand corner of the cabinet under the topside control panel. This position is the innermost closed position.

Step 1: Using your hand, pull and slide out the drain plug to the outermost extended closed position.

Step 2: In the outermost extended closed position, unscrew the cap. Water should not drain out in this position.Step 3:
Screw on a garden hose. Place the other end of the hose in the area you want the water to drain to.

Step 4: Once the hose is in place, push in the hose/drain valve half way in to the middle ‘open drain position’ and drain your spa. *Note: if you push it in all the way to the innermost closed position, the water will not drain.

Step 5: When you are done draining your spa, reverse these steps to close the drain, screw on the cap and push in the valve to the innermost closed position.


How do I fill the spa with water?

filling spaFilling your spa through the filter chamber

Detailed instructions how to fill your spa are located towards the back section of your spa manual accompanying your spa.
Before you begin to fill your spa, it is advisable to have your water tested for hardness (water rich in calcium and mineral content).  Wells usually contain harder water than urban water supplies.  Mineral and metal imbalances in your water can shorten the life of the equipment in your spa. Contact your local dealer for proper water analysis.

We recommend that you purchase a high quality “Water Test Kit” for checking pH and sanitizer levels. Test the water daily until your “user load” is determined. Make sure there is no dirt or sediment at the bottom of the tub and that there is nothing inside the filter compartment before filling with water. Filling the spa through the filter housing will help to prevent air locks (trapped pockets of air) in pumps on start up.

Identify your filter housing and fill as shown in photos above:

Step 1: Place your garden hose into the filter housing. This will ensure that air bubbles are removed from the lines while you fill the spa.

Step 2: Turn the water on so that most of the water enters through the filter chamber.

Step 3: Fill the water to the proper level – half way up the filter housing, just below the head pillow or just under the neck jets as shown in pictures above.


How energy efficient is my spa?

CEC certified for energy efficiency.  All Clearwater Spas are among the most energy efficient in the world and are certified to the California Energy Commission’s (CEC) energy standards – the most stringent energy standards in the U.S.A.

RTB insulation is the best.  Clearwater Spas uses rigid Reflective Thermal Barrier (RTB) insulation panels with reflective foil on both sides.  These panels are used in the cabinet walls and elevated floor system.  Our RTB insulation system not only insulates, it also recycles and reflects the heat from the internal equipment keeping the cabinet warm and dry.

Spray foam-free and worry-free.  With an insulation R-20 value, the RTB insulation system provides a more energy efficient system that reduces your energy costs.  RTB insulation contains natural salt borates which are undesirable to insects and rodents.  Removable cabinet service panels on all sides provide for easy upgrades and maintenance.  Other brands using spray foam are messy and costly to service.