Pool Service & Products

Heneghen's Water Works will ensure your pool needs, routine or when the unexpected strikes, are taken care of quickly and thoroughly.

Swimming pools are a joy to have. Your own backyard oasis that can be the focus of warm weather entertaining, great source of exercise, and the refreshing solution to beating the summer heat. One thing is for sure, families love spending a lot of time in and around their pool during the summer. When they do, they want the water to be clear, warm, and inviting. We are here to help make that happen.

Heneghen's Water Works offers a complete line of products and chemicals for all your pool needs. We offer all the conventional balancing and sanitizing products plus many alternatives including mineral sanitizers, ozone, and chlorine free shocks. We will help you keep your pool balanced and maintained for the safest, clearest, and clearest water available.


Pool Services & Sales

  • Equipment renovations
  • Chemical maintenance (weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly service)
  • Automatic pool cover replacement
  • Spring opening and winter closing
  • Pool liner replacements
  • Equipment servicing and repair
  • Pool consulting
  • Solar cover and reel installations
  • Controls automation
  • Safety Cover Installation
  • Residential and commercial

Pool Care Products

Some examples of what we offer:

  • EZ Chlor chemicals
  • Liquid, tablet and granular sanitizers
  • Automated feed systems
  • Algaecides and clarifiers
  • Chemical maintenance (weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly service)
  • Bulk chemical sales
  • Residential and commercial
  • Free delivery (ask about delivery service)

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